Clarify Discipleship and Grow Your People

We will help you do what you long to do – make disciples – without burning out.
With the Sustainable Discipleship Method you will have a consistent discipleship process that leads people to maturity. Even better, you can spread that process to your disciples and build an army of life-changing people.


Set aside some time and create your a discipleship framework that focuses your organization on the transformation of your people.

The Book

Learn the principles that will lead your ministry back to real discipleship and to multiple generations of prepared, confident and skilled disciples.


Let us help light the fire of discipleship, clarify discipleship and challenge your people to get involved in the process and practice of discipleship.

For the immigrants and the lost ones of Christianity,
who came to this great faith full of hope,
who long to know how to follow God,
who want to understand His words,

 but who live on the streets of Christianity,
neither prepared, confident, nor skilled
to find abundant life or live their dream

 because they found no experienced guide
to teach them the language,
to provide clear direction, and
to show them the ropes along the way.

 We should have been ready for them . . .

Is Your Journey Like Ours?

Our churches have a sturdy culture, Biblical leaders and we watch people apply God’s truths in an inspiring way. The 80-20 rule no longer rules. Gone are the days of infighting, scarce resources, and drama. But, it wasn’t always that way.

Your journey might be like ours. We passionately headed out to change the world and help people find what we found. We used classes, materials and every program that came along. We even sent a bunch of our people to seminary. But, smart did not always equal transformation.

We noticed that those we spent the most time with, the hungry ones, really become followers of Christ. They got it and their lives changed. They also became the movers and shakers of our ministries. But, what about the rest of the people.

One-on-one was not enough change the world. We began to use retreats, special events, and missions. We tried to broaden the reach to our whole congregation. But, one off and topical teaching didn’t have a lasting effect for the masses. 

When the poop hit the fan, the masses hit the road. These attenders didn’t have what they needed to survive at home, work, and life – much less thrive. And worse, we couldn’t attract many people to discipleship.

We struggled to make few disciples intentionally. We made a few others accidentally. The brutal facts were that we didn’t know what we were doing and we didn’t get consistent results. Then, we rediscovered the secrets of Biblical discipleship.

We're Ready Now

How many disciples do you plan to make this year?” may be the most powerful question we ask.

The Sustainable Discipleship Model works with any size group but we have found that one leader with three followers is the most powerful. 1-3 avoids the challenges of large groups and is exponentially more effective than 1-1 discipleship.

If you invest 4 hours a week (that’s less than 10%), you could make 450+ disciples in the next ten years. That’s not 450 new members. That’s 450 prepared, confident and skilled God followers living the dream.

Do you know four other followers who can help you make disciples? A team of five can start from scratch and make 1,300 disciples in the same time.

Ten leaders can transform over 7,000 lives in the same time.

Year One - One Generation

3 New Disciples

You +

Year One - One Generation

Year Two - Two Generations

3 new disciples

You +

Year Two - Two Generations

Year Three - Three Generations

12 new disciples

4 Leaders Now +

Year Three - Three Generations

Year Four - Three Generations

9 new disciples

4 Leaders

Year Four - Three Generations

Year Five - Four Generations

27 New Disciples

13 Leaders

Year Five - Four Generations

Year Ten - Ten Genrations

Hundreds of New Disciples

You + 450
Self-Replicating Disciples

Year Ten - Ten Genrations

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