You're All Set!

Work the System that Works!

  • Pray Daily

    Practice a highly effective daily prayer time. Take two minutes once a day to write out a specifically themed prayer. You'll be amazed at the results.

  • Study Quickly

    Use a Bible study method that works with your brain. Take ten minutes a day to study one scripture that is useful in every day living and decisions. One theme a week.

  • Take Sermon Notes

    You retain 70% more if you write down what you hear. Once a week, use a simple system to find the key truths and remember them better than ever.

  • Decision Journal

    Trying to figure out what to do? Take a moment and work through a decision page. Avoid the mistakes of too quick decisions by focusing on God's truths.

  • Service Journal

    Jesus defined maturity as being one who serves others from a full life. Be inspired to serve and reap the benefit of learning while you do it.

  • Gather a Tribe

    The Spiritual Journal works great in small groups. Life on life groups can stay in sync studying and growing together with curated content.

Sunday's Coming!

Your weekly Bible study Guide will be on its way to your inbox next Sunday evening (and every Sunday for a year!) These carefully curated guides focus on truths that you can immediately use in life, business, and relationships. Read one verse a day, find one cool truth, write it down, and head out to meet the day. 

Small Group Journals

The Spiritual Journal provides a simple system for running your small group. The Curated Content provides you with Biblical Truths that your group can study together. You can review the prayers, cover the content, help each other with decision pages, and even plan service projects together. 

And when new people join your group, their weekly content will automatically sync to where you are on the journey. Interested? Contact the team today!

Custom Covers

Want a custom look? Order twenty or more journals and get a complimentary custom cover design. 

Logos look best in black and white but we will help you work through your cover. Logos need to be  hi-resolution PDF, Photoshop, or illustrator files for best results.

Just ask our team when you place your bulk order!

Bulk Orders

Save 25% off the individual price of journals when you order more than ten Spiritual Journals. 

Each journal will come with a discounted subscription code so that your folks can sign up to receive the weekly curated verses and thoughts.

Want to place a bulk order? Get started by contacting the team.

How to Make Disciples

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How to Make Disciples

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