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Want to be involved in something crazy big? We are easy going, fanatically detailed, happy, and having the time of our lives investing in a big God project. That said, most of us have day jobs. But don’t let money stop you from a God call. We do our best to support the needs of our team and bless the staff as we are blessed. Some of our staff raise ministry support. God hasn’t failed us yet!  If you can help, we would rather support your ministry investment than pay outside contractors.

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WordPress + Learndash Guru

We are using the Astra Theme + Elementor + Gravity Forms + Learndash to deliver the core of our web experience. It takes us long because this is not our “guru” groove. We also need some login/forgot password dress up and are working towards a customer service solution since the workshop now has online users. We have much to do. It’s a plus is you have a good design/marketing eye.

Software Project Manager

The WordBloom project needs a project manager who is familiar with software/server development. In phase one, the PM will lead the team to stabilize, monetize, and complete  the production version. In phase two, the PM will lead the team to fully integrate the SD Methods of Discipleship into Wordbloom making it an online resource. Phase three development is still top secret – but will be a lightyear leap in technology.

SD Coaches

Launch coaching dramatically improves the results for the disciples. And when they win, God wins. Coaches provide six weekly startup, six bi-monthly, and ten monthly sessions to groups of new discipleship leaders. Requests for coaching are almost exceeding our capacity and we are beginning the process of adding more virtual coaches. If you have finished the SD process or have been through leadership training with our team, we can use your help. Training and method are provided. 

Javascript + MySQL + Web

This position(s) are needed for the development team for WordBloom – a visual Bible Study web application that is in its 4th Beta round. We won a patent for this and several awards. The next production round needs some clean up, some database/data verification and we need to revive the interface for users to save their wordblooms and comments. First on the list, however, is migrating it to a new server environment. The app is built with Javascript. The web portal is a private WordPress site.

MetaBusiness Manager + Instagram

We need help setting up Sustainable Discipleship Meta Business Manager, linking it to Instagram and then educating Doug (who is Instagram illiterate) and the team on how to get things posted real time. We also need help being notified and getting more prompt about responding. We are unskilled at Social Media to say the least.

Social Media Manager

We simply have to get better at being current with content, fun updates, and interaction. And we need someone who will champion and manage our social presence. 

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How to Make Disciples

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