David Needham asks “Christian, do you know who you are?” in this remarkable and easy-to-understand rerelease of his book about the Christian’s birthright. He offers fresh insight into the theological problem of Christian identity, biblically-based teaching, and a challenge for personal enrichment and further Bible study. Birthright achieves an excellent balance between the theological and the practical.

Key Topics or Truths

The meaning of the Christian life
Identity in Christ
Abiding in Christ

This Book is Good For...

This book is good for every maturing Christian. It is a deeper dive into what it means to be a Christian from God’s perspective.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

Disciples generally find this a more difficult read because of its reading level and because most Christians have never read a more textbook approach to their faith. So, I take this one easy and slow allowing four or five weeks. I have disciples read a couple of chapters each week and discuss the content the following week. I used to warn people that it was a tough read. I do not do that anymore because it seemed to make it worse rather than better.

The topics and content of this book need little help from the disciple maker. However, even after years of using it in disciple making, I am very careful to review it before we discuss it. There is so much valuable content and most of my time during the discussion is spent helping people wrap their heads around topics like justification, redemption, being grafted into Christ, etc.

Do not avoid this book. Disciples need depth and they can handle depth.

I love this book because it puts a solid foundation under the feet of disciples. So many Christians have never had the opportunity to chew a little Biblical meat about their identity in Christ and what it means to be a part of Christ. I also like that sometimes it reads like a textbook pushing the learning styles of those I get to disciple.

Real Life Story

Kendra thought this book was so boring. “Arghh. I just hate reading it,” she would comment. Her feelings reflected the feelings of many readers. Her discipleship leader just kept refocusing her, saying, “I know the style might be a little like a school book but look at the content. Do you see what God did when he adopted you?” Kendra kept plugging away reading and learning. Quietly, the Holy Spirit was building a seemingly boring foundation for her. Fast forward a few years later and Kendra is leading a group of ladies who have a good but touchy-feely somewhat shallow faith. What book did Kendra pick next for her D2 Group? Birthright! Enough said.

Know Issues or Controversies

No Known Controversies

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Book Details
Reading Time
Three Maybe Four Weeks
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This book is the deeper, broader version of the truths shared in Search for SignificanceIt also acts as a companion to Sit Walk StandIt is a difficult read and I always follow it with something a bit lighter or a novel.

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