Breakout Churches


This is the story of thirteen churches and the leaders who moved them from stagnancy to growth and from mediocrity to greatness. Drawing on one of the most comprehensive studies ever on the church, this book reveals the process of becoming a “breakout” church and the factors that lead to this spiritual metamorphosis. Eighty percent of the approximately 400,000 churches in the United States are either declining or at a plateau. Is there hope for the American church? Breakout Churches offers a resounding “yes!” and offers specific examples and principles to help you and your church become more effective.

Key Topics or Truths

Church growth
Church effectiveness
Church leadership

This Book is Good For...

This book is good for anyone leading a church.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

I use this book to challenge upcoming leaders to think about the effectiveness of our church and to evaluate whether we are a breakout church. Some of the disciples, not called or leaning toward leadership, may just go along for the ride but it will be a good ride. As always, I push disciples to connect or question Rainer’s findings to Biblical principles in order to increase their critical thinking. The idea is that every church fad is not a Biblical fad. Every fad should be evaluated.

I ask disciples to read a few chapters at a time and discuss them the following week.

I love this book because it is an extension of Good to Great (Collins) into the church world. A total mimic of Collins’ study that is eye-opening for the church.

Real Life Story

Know Issues or Controversies

No known issues

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Thom S Rainer
Book Details
Reading Time
Two to Three Weeks
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This book pairs well with Good to Great. I would read Good to Great before reading this book.

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