Can I Lose My Salvation?


This book (paper) addresses a simple question that both scholars and Average Joes find themselves asking at some point. Some scholars say, “Yes” and some scholars say “No.” The answer has divided believers, created denominations, and confused Christians for centuries. Burrier found an answer so simple he struggled to believe it to be true. Can I Lose My Salvation? shares that answer and tests it against all the standard answers and arguments concluding, “No, you cannot lose it.”

This paper is a reprint of Burrier’s Master’s of Biblical Study thesis but its origins were found in his personal journey of discipleship as he wrestled between the seemingly obvious truth that Jesus’ work had to be complete and his less than perfect behavior after salvation. How could he be saved and still live like he wasn’t? Scholars often forget the simplicity of this question and the importance of the answer for the average believer.

Key Topics or Truths

Permanence of Salvation
Sin After Salvation

This Book is Good For...

This book is good for everyone.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

Our disciple-making process has already addressed this in briefer form during Discipleship One using the Quick Smart Start workbook. Now, in Discipleship Three, I am trying to build an even firmer foundation. The disciples are more than ready to tackle theology and they are well prepared to use critical thinking to evaluate this issue as well as the contra-arguments for losing one’s salvation presented in this work.

I specifically stress the concept that the simple, clear answer is usually correct. God is not complex and Jesus’ teaching was simple, straightforward, and pointed at the average person. I also stress the need to listen to the Spirit on “grey” questions and issues. We often know or Blink the correct answer without the need for endless study. However, this work illustrates how one common man can sense the correct answer but objectively listen to all angles and test that answer.

This work helps me move people from learning to learn towards learning to learn to lead others into freedom and truth. Can I Lose My Salvation? helps me illustrate how, when it is needed, intense Bible study can provide firmer answers. It also allows me to show them how to study cover-to-cover and illustrates the most powerful method of learning God’s truths — inductive learning.

I love this book because it provides a simple conclusion that addresses many complex questions.

Real Life Story

I asked my pastor to explain the verses in Hebrews 6 that said, “if we sin we are crucifying Christ again” because they did not seem to make sense. His answer was roundabout and left me wanting. I started reading commentaries and found a ton of explanations. Some of which argued, “you could lose your salvation.” Off I went down a rabbit hole because this was without a doubt one of my big questions because I just kept sinning. I piled up verses and made notes but never got my feet on solid ground. What a horrible pinch to be in! Years later I was in seminary and this came up again. I pulled out my immature research and began again only to find a simple verse in the Bible, that I had never seen used to answer this question, that actually made sense. I was set free but then I had to address every other argument to make sure. What a journey but now I am sure.

Know Issues or Controversies

No known theological issues

This book (PDF) is a rough adaptation of the complete work. It has not been fully edited for publishing and is provided free as a learning resource.

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Doug Burrier
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