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Fresh Power talks about what it means to be Spirit-filled, both as individuals and as the church. The Book of Acts is the basis for his study as Cymbala delves into what it was like for Christians back in the first century—and what it can be like for us today. The first century church believed in God’s Word, in the constant infilling of His Spirit, and in the clear and direct responses of obedience to the scripture which defined the norm for their daily and spiritual lives.

Every Christian leader knows that God’s Spirit lives in us. Some of us have grown up leary of stressing the work of the Holy Spirit in us because of the abuses of Biblical teaching. Others of us grew up believing in His work but never validating what we were taught against God’s Word. Fresh Power can either be an eye-opener or a doctrine firmer. No matter what, it is a valuable read.

Key Topics or Truths

Role of the Holy Spirit
The Spirit in the first century church
The power of God’s Spirit

This Book is Good For...

This book is good for folks who need more of a foundation under their Spirit-filled life and those who need a little push to encounter the Spirit in their life.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

This is a disruptor, eye-opening, inspirational read. I use it to reaffirm the power and promise of God’s Spirit. I quietly challenge statements that do not have a clear defense in the Bible. Fresh Power offers inspiration of the power and necessity of the Holy Spirit in our lives reminding me of Paul’s words, “do not quench the Spirit.” I always remind disciples, “Exposure to other Christian experiences is beneficial.” Comparing others’ experiences and understandings to scripture is useful. One of the greatest dangers of modern discipleship is the isolation of learning in the context of the disciple maker. We are not supposed to make disciples like us. We are supposed to make followers of God. It is likely that some of our traditions and understandings are not entirely Biblically supportable as well.

I love the stretch this book provides to standard North American churching and to those who have never been taught about the Spirit of God’s role in our lives.

Real Life Story

This is just a good book. It is not bad. It is good for what it needs to do and accomplishes it well.

Know Issues or Controversies

No known issues

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Jim Cymbala
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