How To Avoid Peeing On Snakes


Virtues are those things that become part of us. Gracefulness is a virtue. Truthfulness is a virtue. In How to Avoid Peeing on Snakes, Doug uses sixteen real-life examples to share sixteen virtues that might change your Chrisitan living forever. Along the way, he explains the value of those virtues for you and those around by looking cover-to-cover in the Bible. How to Avoid Peeing on Snakes focuses on how who we are drives enjoyable, successful living on this earth.

This book was formerly 16 Virtues

Key Topics or Truths

Being Biblically-based
Being Hospitable
Being Free to Live Well
Being Slow to Anger
Being Financially Responsible

and so much more.

This Book is Good For...

Who are moving toward being fully devoted followers of Christ an those who are near the Consecration step along the Discipleship Pathway.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

The Bible is full of examples and teaching about who God designed us to be. He designed us to be transparent, truthful, fair and so much more. But, throughout the Bible, we also see virtues like hospitable, financial integrity, soberness, and others that are not so easily understood. I use this book, one chapter a week in the first sixteen weeks of Discipleship Two, to explore some of the less apparent Biblical principles of who we were designed to be. I continually stress that who we are drives what we do. For example, if we are hospitable, we will not only love but share with our neighbors. This book challenges disciples to work with God to transform the “who they are” on this earth to reflect the “who he has made them to be already.”

How to Avoid Peeing on Snakes closely reiterates the sixteen topical truths in Quick Smart Start as values or characteristics to be developed in our lives.

I love this book because it makes sixteen important Christian virtues relevant to disciples. It not only teaches about the values, it shows disciples how to apply those truths. Even more, I love that this book focuses on who the disciples are and can become rather than telling them what to do.

Real Life Story

Bobbie Jo exclaimed, “I love the snake story. That was incredible how Doug tied something funny to something very true about Christianity. It helped me really understand the idea of being sober. Before I read this, sober sounded dull, boring – kind of like being nerd for Jesus. Now, I get it.”

Know Issues or Controversies


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Doug Burrier
Book Details
Reading Time
Sixteen Weeks
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I like to follow this book with Needham’s work on our Birthright or something on our identity like Sit, Walk, Stand. I have also followed this with Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire which really focuses on the power of prayer to transform our lives.

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