Improving Your Serve


In this classic volume, Charles Swindoll uniquely shows the important aspects of authentic servanthood, such as: What it takes to serve unselfishly, why a servant has such a powerful influence, and what challenges and rewards a servant can expect. The author offers clear guidelines on developing a servant’s heart and challenges you to realize the rich rewards promised in a life of authentic Christian servanthood. In Swindoll’s words, “This book is not a touchy-feely book on service. The truths are meant to be applied. And, change will not come without transforming your mind and your living to be servant-minded.”

Key Topics or Truths

Christian Living

This Book is Good For...

This book is great for people in Discipleship One or Two as they begin serving. It lays down a solid foundation that we are serving God, not doing things. It is also great as a reread or first read when disciples hit step 12, “Servant Minded” on the Discipleship Pathway.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

The book is complete in its teaching, content, and extensive scripture references. Improving Your Serve will teach itself. My role when using this book is to keep people focused on being a servant who then serves instead of serving to become a servant. As a friend of mine Rick Malm puts it, “What does a server do at a restaurant? He serves you. He waits to see and meet your needs.” I constantly remind disciples that we are serving God even as we serve His people. This book is a short read that can be read in a week by an average reader. I discuss the book after the disciples have read it entirely.

I love this book because it is old-school, practical, and single-focused. I love it because it changed my life when I started trying to really follow God. It is clear. It is practical. It is life changing.

Real Life Story

People wanted me saved but no one wanted to disciple me except Bobby Porter. She kept me fed with books. Little short books. And while I lived with her family, she constantly played Swindoll cassette tape messages. She also gave me a copy of this short book, Improving Your Serve. I have read it again and again and I will always remember the line, “The honor goes to the one fighting in the arena.” I was clueless about Christian living but I determined that I would have a servant mindset when I read this book. Its truths changed me forever.

Know Issues or Controversies

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This is a great, easy read to sneak in anywhere you need a great easy read that guarantees transformation.

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