Quick Smart Start


Quick Smart Start is a collection of comprehensive Bible teaching and answers that address sixteen of the most common topics for new disciples. Some of the truths challenge traditions that disciples have learned along the way. Some of the truths are simple, relevant answers to basic questions like “What is God’s will for my life?” And, other truths debunk and dismiss those “hotly debated” truths that distract so many believers. Quick Smart Start is a beginner’s guide accelerating the application of God’s truths.

Key Topics or Truths

Your New Relationship
How to Pray
Finding God’s Will (you’ll be surprised)
Old Friends, New Friends

and so much more!

This Book is Good For...

Anyone who wants to know more about how to pray, what God’s will is for their life, who is the Holy Spirit, and so much more about their faith.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

I use this exclusively in the first sixteen weeks of Discipleship One. We read and review one chapter a week listening to their observations, answering their questions, and helping them apply the truths to their lives. I have them download and use the free question sheets to help guide their learning. My goal is to proactively address these questions and issues that are very common for disciples at the beginning of their journey down the Discipleship Pathway.

I love watching new disciples be disrupted, encouraged, and have incredible “aha” moments as they see what the Bible has to say about the sixteen quick, smart start topics. It is amazing to watch their Christian living accelerate exponentially. There is no other resource like this for people beginning their discipleship journey.

Real Life Story

Quick, Smart, Start (originally called, Sixteen Truths) got its start during our early years of making disciples as our team noticed several topics coming up over and over again. We decided to write down the answers in a workbook format. Over time, we settled on sixteen topics that seemed valuable and common to newer disciples. The workbook grew into a book with a bit more explanation and more answers on each topic were added. We began to refine the text as more and more leaders wanted to use it in their disciple-making. Quick, Start, Smart was born.

Know Issues or Controversies

Depending on your tradition, you may find that a few topics like baptism or judgment do not line up with your practice. However, clear Biblical text is provided with each and every answer. We have found that measuring our tradition against the Bible is healthy to show it valid.

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Doug Burrier
Book Details
Reading Time
Sixteen Weeks
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This book is the predecessor to Sixteen Virtues that we use in Discipleship Three. It also pairs well with the Tender Commandments.

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