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If you have ever struggled in relationships – personally, professionally, or on teams, this book is for you! An intimate self-story by Donald Miller that will open up new ways of thinking.

Key Topics or Truths


This Book is Good For...

This book is helpful for anyone who wants to improve their personal relationships.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

I use this as an easy read to prompt disciples to talk about their lives, their relationships, and trust. We read it over the course of two or three weeks and then discuss it at the end. I do not read this concurrent with any other outside reading books.

I love the transparency, the real story, and the easy read of this book. Donald opens up his life to teach a few great principles and benefits of opening up. The story of him and Betsie is great!

Real Life Story

This book was a great reminder to me of all I have learned as I moved from many surface-level relationships to having fewer, stronger real friendships. There were a few truths that Donald learned and presented in new ways that spurred me further in developing healthy relationships.

Know Issues or Controversies

None apparent or known. This is autobiographical.

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Donald Miller
Book Details
Reading Time
Two to three weeks
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This book is a great follow-up in Discipleship Two to Search for Significance in Discipleship One. It quietly reaffirms many of the relationship ideas that extend from a healthy relationship with God.

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