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We have been told that the key to longevity involves obsessing over what we eat, how much we stress, and how fast we run. Based on the most extensive study of longevity ever conducted, The Longevity Project exposes what really impacts our lifespan-including friends, family, personality, and work.

Gathering new information and using modern statistics to study participants across eight decades, Dr. Howard Friedman and Dr. Leslie Martin bust myths about achieving health and long life. For example, people do not die from working long hours at a challenging job- many who worked the hardest lived the longest. Getting and staying married is not the magic ticket to long life, especially if you’re a woman. And it’s not the happy-go-lucky ones who thrive-it’s the prudent and persistent who flourish through the years.

With questionnaires that help you determine where you are heading on the longevity spectrum and advice about how to stay healthy, this book changes the conversation about living a long, healthy life.

Key Topics or Truths


This Book is Good For...

This book is a great disruptor for everyone. It is truly enlightening, eye-opening, and might just change the way you live and seek God.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

Most often, disciples read this as they move from the formal process of discipleship to the practice of discipleship – that is, after Discipleship Three. If I am reading this with a group, I simply have them read the entire book and then spend an hour or so reviewing what we have learned and measuring our values and practices against it. One of my favorite takeaways is that a long and happy life can be found in Solomon’s words from God.

I encourage disciples to reorganize their time investments around the Biblical principles found in the results of this study.

I love this book because it debunks so much of what our secular and Christian “experts” tell us about living a long and healthy life while actually pointing us to things (that are Biblical) that keep us alive, healthy, and happy.

Real Life Story

I read this just because. I realized that most of their findings are found in the book of Proverbs. It really refocused me on the basics and reminded me that God is so consistent. It has changed what I value and invest in.

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Friedman and Martin
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