The Pursuit of Holiness


“Be holy, for I am holy,” commands God to His people. But what does that look like in everyday life? Because of grace, we don’t have to earn our salvation. But sometimes that leaves us wondering what our part in holiness should be. In this established and long-esteemed resource, renowned author Jerry Bridges helps us see where we should rely on God―and where we should accept responsibility. Dive into Scripture and discover what it means to have:

  • Holiness in body
  • Holiness in spirit
  • Habits of holiness
  • Joy in holiness

Key Topics or Truths

Our Part in Holiness

This Book is Good For...

This book is good for the “free to be me Christian”, new Christians, and those headed toward consecration, being wholly holy and sold out to God.

How I Use this Book to make disciples

This book opens up a few cans of worms in a non-legalistic, eye-opening way. I leverage it before step nine on the Discipleship Pathway – Consecration – in Discipleship Two. But I have also been know to use it for wilder and freer feeling groups in Discipleship One. There is value in living the holy that we are inside. God values it and it is for our good.

I have disciples read this short book in its entirety, highlighting cool things, and discuss it at the end. Other leaders read and review it along the way over two or three weeks. Either works, but the book is very short.

I love this old-school book because it addresses the idea of living holy in this physical world. Christians are spiritually holy but so often we do not see the value in being/living holy physically. From modesty in dress to language to behaviors, the author pushes us to ask, “Does my outside reflect my inside?”

Real Life Story

Sissy just didn’t see what everyone saw around her, and no one wanted to tell her. Her free-to-be-me dress caused others to look up and away. She was a child of God. But she did not get Peter’s words, “Let your beauty come from within.” Was she wrong? Was she a flirt? Seeing too much of her caused a boy to be a boy. He flirted. She liked the attention. And both of them fell. Did her style reflect honor as a child of God? Were people seeing the beauty of a child of God? Not to sound a bit too conservative, I always wonder how many painful moments could be avoided if our words, our dress, and our choices reflected the holiness inside.

Know Issues or Controversies

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Jerry Bridges
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