How to Make Disciples

A Practical Workshop

A Practical Workshop to Supercharge Your Disciple Making

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Get Started • Hone Your Craft • Clarify Your Plan

September 16 - 18, 2024

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Reach Across Generations

Have a Clear Goal

Get Measurable Results

Have You Ever Struggled with Discipleship?

Make self-sustaining, self replicating followers
in a simple, repeatable way!

Make Disciples, Solve Problems

Even better, give people the
abundant life God

Workshop Deliverables

What’s In The Workshop?

It’s all about the ‘how to.
Your method makes 
the difference.


Yes. Madison Baptist Association and Sustainable Discipleship will do whatever we can to help until we can't. If finances are limited, email our team.

Think of it as the difference between reading a textbook and taking a lab with a college professor. The workshops bring Sustainable Discipleship to life, give you hands-on help developing your plan, and give you access to the latest data, successes, and failures. You also learn from the questions and experiences of other participants.

You get:

  • a free print or digital copy of How to Make Disciples,
  • a 99 page workbook,
  • a free DIY or DIWH launch plan,
  • 50 disciple assessment sheets, and
  • continental breakfasts each day.

And, of course, you get a system that will get you more disciples that make disciples with a 90% success rate.

Friday begins with a continental breakfast at 8:30am. Then,

  • 9:00 Overview & Introduction
  • 10:00 How Discipleship Works
  • 10:30 Break
  • 11:00 The Discipleship Pathway
  • Lunch
  • 1 pm Finish the Pathway
  • 2:00pm Personalize their Journey
  • 4:00 How to Make a Disciple - Preparing Yourself

Day Two begins with continental breakfast at 8:30am. Then,

  • 9:00 How to Make a Disciple - Connecting with People
  • 10:30 How to Make a Disciple - Leading them to God's Truths
  • Lunch
  • 1:15pm How to Make a Disciple - The Meeting
  • 2:15pm Mock Group
  • 3:15pm Calling Disciples to Action
  • 4:00 The Closing

The workshop will be held at:

Madison Baptist Association
2318 Whitesburg Drive
Huntsville, AL 35759

Absolutely! Sustainable Discipleship is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) religious non-profit that operates as a business-for-mission model, striving to be self-sufficient. You can help us continue our research, development, testing, writing, and sharing by sowing financial gifts above and beyond the actual costs of ministry.


$ 100
  • Save 80% your gift from Madison Baptist Association
  • How to Make Disciples - Paperback
  • 99 Page How to Make Workbook
  • DIY Launch Plan
  • Breakfast - Three Days
Save 80%

Madison Baptist Association Workshop

How to Make Disciples

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How to Make Disciples

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