Sustainable Discipleship

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Learn the method that makes a difference. Discover the secret sauce to disciple-making, the two irrefutable Biblical models of disciple making, the seven core practices, the predictable Discipleship Pathway, and so much more. Become a disciple-making superhero!

Curated Journal Content

The Spiritual Journal uses the science of how your brain processes information to accelerate your spiritual life in only 15 minutes a day. Seven prayers, seven quick truths, and one sermon note a week – that’s it. Your decisions will improve. Your life will change. We guarantee it.

Well Made Well Done

Well Made Well Done is six illustrations of three goals and three strategies to make disciples that follow God for the right reasons and navigate the unknowns long after your influence fades. 

The Discipleship Pathway Ebook

The Discipleship Pathway ebook reveals the fourteen predictable steps in every disciple’s journey. Once you know the steps, you can identify where your disciple is, what he needs, and what to give him.

Sustainable Discipleship Library

The Sustainable Library includes 70+ extra-biblical books that supercharge each year of discipleship. Each book profile includes why we like it, why we use it, how we use it, personal applications, and the pros and cons of the book. Your subscription supports the work and removes those pesky popups and ads.

Private & Hosted Workshops

All workshops include workbooks, assessment pads, and the How to Make Disciples book for each registered attendee – up to 6 people. If you want to bring more than 6 people, email If you opt for a Private or Hosted Workshop at your location, you will be responsible for providing the location as well as …

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Quick Smart Start

Quick Smart Start is a workbook with sixteen useful truths for new followers of Christ. Each truth addresses one of the most common and important questions of disciples as they start or restart following Christ. 

How to Make Disciples

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How to Make Disciples

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