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Customizable Reading Plan

The Sustainable Discipleship Method has disciples read the Bible cover-to-cover each year of discipleship. It may sound impossible but disciples love reading even the “boring” sections as they expect to find truths. This is the customizable tool that we use to create reading plans, based on words.

Spiritual Journal

The Spiritual Journal uses the science of how your brain processes information to accelerate your spiritual life in only 15 minutes a day. Seven prayers, seven quick truths, and one sermon note a week – that’s it. Your decisions will improve. Your life will change. We guarantee it.

SD Coaching Startup

Let us share what we have learned from other churches’ launches. Let us help you succeed. Three planning sessions (month 1), six sessions weekly as you launch, three bi-monthly and then monthly through the rest of the year. Quick answers along the way included.

How to Make Disciples

This is the book that started it all. It’s the magnum opus of all the research, all the tips, strategies, and the successful method that God showed us. That method will work for you, in any culture, with any people. How to Make Disciples follows Doug’s journey from struggling to make a few disciples to having five …

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How to Make Disciples

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How to Make Disciples

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The Discipleship Pathway

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The Discipleship Pathway

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