This is our time and content tested library that we use as we make disciples. With six generations of thriving God followers who are self-replicating, we guarantee this library works!

However, folks new to Sustainable Discipleship sometimes ask, "What does that book have to do with following God?" or "I hear that book (author) is pretty controversial..." But, each of these books serves a specific purpose in making disciples.

  • They teach disciples to connect Biblical truths to real life.
  • They cause disciples to think critically -identifying truths and untruths. 
  • Some are designed to see if disciples will catch the error.
  • Some are designed to push disciples to define a better answer.
  • Some are designed to expand our experience of God beyond our culture.

All of these skills, all of this exposure, are necessary if we are going to follow God in this, well, challenging world.

You may want or need to customize your library but we encourage you to explore why, how and for whom we use these books as you replace them. Each type of book serves a very critical purpose.

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21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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How to Make Disciples

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