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Your method makes the difference when it comes to your success making self-sustaining, self-replicating disciples of Christ.

Have You Ever Struggled with Discipleship?

Make self-sustaining, self replicating followers
in a simple, repeatable way!

What is Sustainable Discipleship?

Sustainable Discipleship is a collection of seven “how to” methods that improve success in disciple-making. They are Biblically based. They work with the way God created humans to think, process, and decide. They are tested and proven to work in the real world giving disciple makers exponential success.

The Sustainable Discipleship Framework is the result of years of research, development, testing, and adjusting. Far beyond a “fad” or the “latest and greatest” program, Sustainable Discipleship has proof of concept in six denominations across three continents in churches from 25 to 13,000 members.

Why Sustainable Discipleship?

Because it works! Really. We tried everything and researched every discipleship program looking for what worked. And we noticed something, every program that had any long-term success had at least one of five focuses:

  • Biblically Based
  • Intentional
  • A Simple Definition
  • Focused on Individuals
  • Discipled Along the Way

So we thought, why not build a system that leveraged all five success factors? And Sustainable Discipleship was born.

What does success look like?

Our true success in disciple making is how many disciples we make who do the right things for the right reasons, navigate the unknowns of life, and make disciples long after our influence fades. In other words, they are prepared, confident, and skilled in their faith.

With twelve years of data, folks implementing the Sustainable Discipleship methods are experiencing 95% success. That means that 95% of their folks start and finish an incredible three year process and 95% of them go on to make disciples on their own. It’s unbelievable! We know. But it is still working in a wide variety of places, churches, and cultures. More importantly 95% of people say, years later, that they are still rocking their faith.

What does Sustainable Discipleship look like?

Your average Jack or Jill (Method 7) leads a group of three to nine disciples (Method 5) in a ninety-minute weekly meeting (Method 4) for one year (Method 6). Disciples read the entire Bible (Method 1) and some application-based books (Method 2) over the course of the year.

The leader doesn’t have to teach. They just have to keep each individual (Method 3) on track. In fact, most leaders say, “I have never been so productive helping people follow Christ while really doing nothing!”

The reading takes about 25 minutes a day. The cost to the church is zero (no more sourcing resources). And the process is evergreen. It keeps working – no need to search for that next best thing.

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