How to Make Disciples

A Complete Guide to Making Healthy Followers

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Doug has been studying the elements of discipleship for decades constantly trying to eliminate the frustrations and increase the effectiveness and reach of discipleship. He teaches at Three Taverns Church and is the founder of Visual Study Bible and Consulting. Doug is a decision scientist and loves  making data driven solutions come to life. This book was written to support the fourth and beyond generations of disciple makers.

Doug Burrier

What Readers are Saying

You would be the one the write this book. I have seen the proof that you are best at making disciples.

Joe Easton

This book is amazing. I had to force myself to stop and assimilate the truths before moving on. You have created a masterpiece!

Doug Huber

This book is the thing that you did not know you needed to become something greater.

Tim Ryan

I love the illustrations and tips in this book. They help me understand what and how to do what I need to do as I make disciples.

Rebecca S

Stop spinning your wheels.

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How to Make Disciples

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How to Make Disciples

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The Discipleship Pathway

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