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“Sustainable Discipleship is a different disciple-making framework that makes disciples the hero of their story.”

What Readers are Saying

Sustainable Discipleship has transformed the people of our church in ways that 800 sermons could not. My prayer is that 100 years from now the Sustainable Discipleship method will be accepted and followed by so many that it will be considered as a “Christian classic”. Doug Burrier is a great person and a gifted writer. The Sustainable Discipleship book is my absolute favorite on this subject.
Daren Patrick
Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church
We are a better, happier ministry because of Doug and his team. And, we are better at executing our mission to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Their method works.
Chris Whitaker
Lead Pastor, Overdrive Church
This book is the thing that you did not know you needed to become something greater.
Tim R.
Discipleship Leader Three Taverns Church, Doctor of Chiropractic
Doug does a wonderful job explaining his journey in the disciple making process. He shares his failures and successes. The concept of being before doing was an “aha” moment for me. His explanation of how extroverts and introverts process decision making was extremely helpful. His disciple making process is all Bible and prayer focused. His book is the most detailed and informative book on how to launch disciple making that works.
Mike Brown
I love the illustrations and tips in this book. They help me understand what and how to do what I need to do as I make disciples.
Rebecca S.
Mom, Administrator, Disciple Maker
This book is amazing. I had to force myself to stop and assimilate the truths before moving on. Doug has created a masterpiece!
Doug Huber
Doctor of Pathology, Disciple Maker
I first met Doug at a disciple-making conference we both attended. If you ever have the privilege of meeting Doug you'll experience his deep humility, his contagious passion for disciple-making, and his commitment to help people be all that God created them to be. Doug is a gifted author and a skilled practitioner.
Jonathan Pitts
Southeast Regional Director, Sonlife
I am honored to recommend Doug Burrier. He is a pastor, blogger, leader of leaders, author, systems builder, out of the box thinker, and one of the brightest minds in GA. Doug is not new to disciple making and has built a disciple making system that works, is multiplying disciples of Jesus, and based on the methods of Jesus. Everyone I send Doug's way have nothing but good comments.
Dr. Scott E. Sullivan
Georgia Baptist Mission Board, Discipleship Catalyst, SPARK Conference Leader

Author spotlight

Doug has been studying the elements of discipleship for decades constantly trying to eliminate the frustrations and increase the effectiveness and reach of discipleship. He teaches at Three Taverns Church and is the founder of Visual Study Bible and Consulting. Doug is a decision scientist and loves  making data driven solutions come to life. This book was written to support the fourth and beyond generations of disciple makers.

Doug Burrier

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How to Make Disciples

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How to Make Disciples

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