Finding Success In

Disciple Making Can Feel...

Like Trying to Find Waldo!

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Increase Involvement

Have a Clear Goal

Get Measurable Results

Do You Ever Feel Like?

And, really, you just want to see people live their best life ever with God!

God helped us find the “waldo of success” in disciple making.

We’d love to share what he showed us! 

It's All in a workshop!

Everything God has taught us
that led to our success in disciple-making!

And, it solves so many problems...

Make self-sustaining, self replicating followers
in a simple, repeatable way!

“Sustainable Discipleship is a different disciple-making framework that makes disciples the hero of their story.”

What People are Saying...

Sustainable Discipleship has transformed the people of our church in ways that 800 sermons could not. My prayer is that 100 years from now the Sustainable Discipleship method will be accepted and followed by so many that it will be considered as a “Christian classic”. Doug Burrier is a great person and a gifted writer. The Sustainable Discipleship book is my absolute favorite on this subject.
Daren Patrick
Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church
I first met Doug at a disciple-making conference we both attended. If you ever have the privilege of meeting Doug you'll experience his deep humility, his contagious passion for disciple-making, and his commitment to help people be all that God created them to be. Doug is a gifted author and a skilled practitioner.
Jonathan Pitts
Southeast Regional Director, Sonlife
I am honored to recommend Doug Burrier. He is a pastor, blogger, leader of leaders, author, systems builder, out of the box thinker, and one of the brightest minds in GA. Doug is not new to disciple making and has built a disciple making system that works, is multiplying disciples of Jesus, and based on the methods of Jesus. Everyone I send Doug's way have nothing but good comments.
Dr. Scott E. Sullivan
Georgia Baptist Mission Board, Discipleship Catalyst, SPARK Conference Leader
The first time I met Doug Burrier I knew I was talking to someone unique. It felt like I had met a mad-scientist of disciple-making. At a conference, someone had just asked, “How long does it take to make a disciple.” He responded confidently, “Three years!” Then went on to explain the 14 steps on the journey to developing a fully committed follower of Christ. Doug took Jesus’ three-year strategy for developing leaders that would change the world and distilled it into a practical, flexible, usable system that helps pastors raise up disciples in their church. And it works! He’s proven it through years of working closely with members of his church and through helping pastors in their churches. I HIGHLY recommend Doug Burrier as a speaker and coach for pastors and ministry leaders. He’s a voice that is desperately needed in the church today.
Joël Malm
Author, Pastor, and Founder of Summit Leaders
We are a better, happier ministry because of Doug and his team. And, we are better at executing our mission to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Their method works.
Chris Whitaker
Lead Pastor, Overdrive Church
Passion! There are very few people that display the passion that Doug Burrier lives out for making disciples of Jesus Christ! He takes it seriously and simply is his life’s call! Doug is a decision scientist. He has combined his passion for Jesus with his passion for how people make decisions in their everyday lives. With this powerful combination, he has created a system to help people follow the commandment of Christ to Love God, Love People, and Make Disciples. I am thankful that The Lord connected us for mission and ministry and I know you will be too!
Dr. Robert Mullins
Lead Pastor, Crossroads Community Church, Elmore, AL Executive Director, PassionTree Pastor’s Network
Doug does a wonderful job explaining his journey in the disciple making process. He shares his failures and successes. The concept of being before doing was an “aha” moment for me. His explanation of how extroverts and introverts process decision making was extremely helpful. His disciple making process is all Bible and prayer focused. His book is the most detailed and informative book on how to launch disciple making that works.
Mike Brown

Making followers is the only thing Jesus told us to do.

I want to do my best!


You decide! We are committed to sharing what God has shown us. It costs us about $495/person to cover the support staff, materials, and to provide a few scholarships for smaller churches. But, we leave it up to you. If funds are really tight, shoot for $117 (the cost of materials & food). If you can support those who make this possible, add a few hundred/person. If God has blessed you, sow a seed, help others attend, support your workshop leader, and help us spread the joy and success. No matter what, you pick your price!  

Yes. We love helping smaller church leaders and bi-vocational pastors when God blesses us through those who have been blessed. We even have a network of host homes for the conferences in Atlanta. You get to set your price but if you need more help email our team.

Think of it as the difference between reading a textbook and taking a lab with a college professor. The workshops bring Sustainable Discipleship to life, give you hands-on help developing your plan, and give you access to the latest data, successes, and failures.

You get a free print or digital copy of How to Make Disciples, a 40-page workbook, a complete disciple-making plan for your church, 50 disciple assessment sheets, a free copy of Well Made (Doug's latest breakout book), an opening dinner, and continental breakfasts. And, of course, you get a system that will get you more disciples that make disciples with a 90% success rate.

Day One begins with a mixer & dinner at 5:30. Then,

  • 6:00 Overview & Introduction
  • 6:45 What is Discipleship?
  • 7:30 Break
  • 7:45 The Discipleship Pathway
  • 9:00 End of Day 1

Day Two begins with continental breakfast at 8:30a. Then,

  • 9:00 How to Make a Disciple - Part 1
  • 12:00 Lunch Break
  • 1:30 How to Make a Disciple - Part 2
  • 4:00 End of Day 2

Day Three begins with continental breakfast at 8:30a. Then,

  • 9:00 How to Make a Disciple - Part 4
  • 10:30 The Sustainable Discipleship System - Part 1
  • 12:00 Lunch Break
  • 1:30 The Sustainable Discipleship System - Part 2
  • 2:30 Finalizing Your Personal Disciple Making Plan
  • 4:00 End of Workshop

The workshop is held in the community space at Three Taverns Church in metro-Atlanta (about 25 miles north of the airport, a 45-minute drive). You can find us at 3575 Acworth Due West Road, Acworth, Ga. 30101, or use this map.

The workshop will be held in the community space at Three Taverns Church. You can see hotels on this map. We have a special rate at the Hampton Inn & Fairfield Inn in Acworth.

Absolutely! Sustainable Discipleship is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) religious non-profit that operates as a business-for-mission model, striving to be self-sufficient. You can help us continue our research, development, testing, writing, and sharing by sowing financial gifts above and beyond the actual costs of ministry.

You get a free copy of “How to Make Disciples” with your registration. Not ready to do the workshop?

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