Welcome to the Team!

Like Blackaby, we are assuming that God will never invite us to anything that he will not support. In fact, that is exactly what God said about Zurababel.

Like Mueller and Taylor, we are bringing our needs to God assuming that what he is behind he can move to supply.

It has been incredible to watch God bless our “open-hand” policy with the FreeBee guarantee. Many take a discount or get resources for free. Some come totally free to workshops. And just when it seems that we won’t have enough, God supplies.

We will keep you updated on what God is doing, what we think we need, and where we need prayer coverage for travel, challenges, and questions. If you hear something from the Father, we’d love to hear from you

Thank you so much for standing together as we all head off to see millions of well-made disciples change the world.

How to Make Disciples

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How to Make Disciples

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